Azur 540R the worst thing I ever bought


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This is the corespondance I had with Richer sound,
after my recever broke, I have had it fied and guess
what not 3 weeks later ( yes this was in NOV , and now
it FEB and I only got it back three weeks ago )
and well it's broke again with another problem this
Had I not payed so much for it I wouldn't have bothered fixing it , and bought something else,
the service is crap , and the product is crap.
The corespondance is as followes :
Me :-----Original Message-----
From: Roy []
Sent: 20 December 2004 16:51
Subject: complaint about hungarian distributor

My name is Roy Spigelman and I just had a most unpleasant experience with your distributor in Hungary, Infovox. I don't really know if this is where I should direct my complaint, but lacking any other customer service centres to turn to (there is no concept of customer service in Hungary, and if there was any it would have only provided service in Hungarian which unfortunately I don't speak..)
I purchased an Azur 540R receiver this August in Israel, and as I am a student in Hungary I took the receiver with me to Budapest. I only started using the receiver about 2 months ago when I settled in my new apartment. After 3 weeks of enjoying it's sound a part of it burnt out (I don't know which part it was, but it smelled burnt). I was a little shocked, as I have owned a Rotell receiver for the past seven years which never had any problem whatsoever. All I could do was to take it to the nearest Cambridge distributor, Infovox.The people I met at Infovox told me the! y don't really know what is wrong with it and that I should leave it there, they will open the receiver and contact me the following week with details regarding the problem, how long it would take to fix and how much it would cost.
After ten days through which I heard nothing from Infovox I called them, and they said they ordered parts for it, and that it should be ready within 3-4 days.
Again, as I heard nothing from Infovox I called again ten days later only to be informed the wrong parts have been delivered. They said they've ordered parts again and that my receiver will only be ready in mid-January.
At this point I was already furious- Nobody consulted me regarding ordering parts, and obviously no one was going to inform me of anything at all. My receiver could have been laying there for two months without me knowing what was going on. This is even more infuriating as I have an Israeli warranty which I couldn't use i! n Hungary, but as I am flying to Israel in J! anuary I can take it back to Israel myself, where I could have it checked and fixed under the warranty, rather then pay for the product's malfunction myself. Was I told it would take this long I would have simply said "no thanks" and saved myself, a busy med-student, the unnecessary headache.
As soon as I heard how long it would take I told Infovox just that, to which they replied the receiver is still laying there open so they will need a few more days to re-assemble it. I have just now picked it up, after having it at Infovox since the end of November (!!), and to my astonishment Infovox asked me to pay for the waste of my time, which I of course refused to do.
Needless to say I am extremely disappointed with both the product's and the service quality. I am sure Cambridge Audio does not appreciate the bad reputation such appalling customer service (or better yet the lack of it) creates for them internationally. I, for! one, will not recommend any of my friends to! purchase a Cambridge Audio product.
Another question, if I may: why is there no international warranty for the receiver? In such cases like Infovox in Hungary an international warranty may have been helpful.
Thank you for your time and concern.
Roy Spigelman

Richer sounds:
From: Customer Services [mailto:]
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:53:11 -0000
Subject: RE: complaint about hungarian distributor
Dear Sir or Madam
Thank you for contacting Richer Sounds
Just to confirm that I have forwarded your email to Cambridge themselves as this would need to be looked into by themselves
Yours Sincerely
me :
-----Original Message-----
From: Roy []
Sent: 28 December 2004 18:02
Subject: RE: complaint about hungarian distributor

Dear Chirs
would you mind forwarsing me the adress of Cambridege themselfs since I have receved no indication from them
that they have receved my mail
Thank you for your time

Thanks for your e-mail. I'm sorry that you have not received a response from Cambridge Audio yet. Your original e-mail was forwarded on to the two following addresses on the 21st of this month.;
Audio Partnership are the company who manufactures Cambridge Audio.
They can also be contacted via telephone on +44 (0) 207 904 2200.
I hope this helps. Many thanks,
It ends here and I never heard one word from Cambridge
even though I tried contacting them several time .
/A very very dissapointed customer,

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It may be a bit late to reply but ive had my Cambridge 540r for about a year and its great. I originaly got the 640 but it didnt have enough inputs at the back as it was a proper music amp rather than an amp i could plug loadsa stuff in, if u get my gist. Anywhoo it runs my acoustic solution 2000 speakers brilliantly and Richer sounds swaped the 640 for the 540r with no hassle.

And yes i am touching wood whilst typing. ;)

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I have a DVD55 (Cambridge) and have also had problems. I had it changed 2 times (great dealer). I really don't like this brand like I thought I would. I had a cheap Panasonic before and it was a lot better in picture and sound.

I have ordered the new NAD T514 however, they seem to be hard to get, should be here in couple of weeks. My is going to take back my Cambridge.

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I had a Cambridge Audio DAB tuner and had no end of bother with it. Got it fixed for the last time and then sold it on Ebay! I won't be touching C.A. equipment again as I just don't think their build quality is up to much.

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I agree...........I was expecting a more integral fight with NAD and it does not seem to be happening. They seem to do the opposite of NAD by concentrating more on appearance than function BUT that is only my opinion and it only counts as one.
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