Sub for Marantz 5400 and Mordaunt Shorts


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Recently purchased a Marantz SR5400. Paired this receiver with Mordaunt Shorts 912 in the front, a 905C center and 902's for the surrounds. Still need a sub. Was considering spending $450 at the most. Will be used in a 12' by 18' room. Will be used for a 60%/40% mix of home theather/music. I like classical music and classic rock like the Who, Pink Floyd and CSN&Y.

Considering a HSU STF-2 or a Velodyne CHT-12. Which do you think sounds better? Also is there any other sub I should be considering?

There isn't any place to hear the HSU subs within 100 miles. Have heard and liked the Velodyne CHT-12 sub. But the HSU web site makes the HSU STF-2 sub look very sleek with its rounded corners and I've heard excellent things about their subs.

Any experts with some advice for this novice who want to spend his money wisely? Thanks.

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I'm interested in that same comparison. I'm more music oriented, but I don't think I am ready to spend $600 on a subwoofer like the SVS PCi or PB1-1 or the HSU STF-3, so those two speakers seem to be the best. Joe

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I am also interested for similar reasons. I can listen to the CHT-12 in a listening room, but I can only listen to the STF-2 on a shelf in the middle of CompUSA. Anyone been able to compare these side by side?
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