Trouble-shooting Kenwood VR-6070, Digital Co-Axial, DTS detection in "FULL AUTO" mode problems?



All is fine with the receiver except this minor challenge which has so far been never resolved at this time...note I live in Canada so the toll-free number does not work over here...I have also emailed KENWOOD in regards to this minor problem with no response as of yet...I emailed them a week ago. The KENWOOD support website is here

I am reposting my previous message elsewhere to here...seeking a solution to this challenge...maybe someone can phone Kenwood on my behalf...greatly appreciate it...COMPATIBILTY ISSUE between TOSHIBA SD-1200 DVD player and the KENWOOD VR-6070 Receiver.


Attn: To All who can give me feedback to my challenge...

Last month we purchased the VR-6070 as a family-gift for my brother & sister-in-law. Me and my brother have set up the unit in the following configuration with soundmeter and tape measure for accuracy: 5.1 speaker set-up with nml/thx and subwoofer via RCA pre-out to a powered sub. The DVD player has only digital co-axial output only, so hooked up the toshiba dvd player via monster digital co-axial cable into DVD/6ch input at the rear with the single cable. Video3 is used for cable-TV viewing and CD/DVD for the CD player. Monster cable is used for subwoofer connection as well. Input detection mode is "FULL AUTO". At the moment Dolby Digital is working fine...the problem is with the use of DTS 5.1 decoding from various movies such a Pearl Harbor, Gladiator and so forth. For example, Pearl Harbor uses 2 discs, so after we eject the first disc and insert the second disc...the display for red LED DTS and white sections on the display start to flash and the receiver always freezes at this point. The dvd continues to play the video part on the TV..but no sound showing up at all. The only way to overcome this situation is to change input selector to another source and back to DVD/6CH which resets everything. Then, and only then the receiver auto scans the signal from scratch. Also for example if one watches a dvd movie half-way and stops the movie from the dvd player itself and inserts another different dvd movie (using either Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1)...the receiver again freezes and does not detect properly the new disc that is inserted...basically the display continues to flash with no sound at all in this case as well. Please give me any appropriate feedback as required. As far as I know the "FULL AUTO" should detect any changes at any-time? Please Note that we always select the sound-mode from the dvd player menus and have selected bit-stream output from the dvd. There is no problem when turning on the receiver for the first time and playing the first disc only as it functions perfectly in both DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital...during "FULL AUTO" detection mode...the problems arrises after using the second disc or just want to watch a second different movie...this hang-up sometimes shows up for Dolby Digital as well. Could somthing be wrong with the reciever itself (microchip)? As far as I am aware...everything is setup correctly?


If you are using a digital coaxial cable connection, then you should NOT select DVD/6CH on the receiver.

The digital coaxial cable should connect from the DVD player coaxial output to the orange color-coded jack labeled Coaxial - DVD on the VR-6070.

I used this picture to view the VR-6070 back panel.

Next select CD/DVD on the VR-6070 receiver. You may also have to press Input Mode on the receiver to select the coaxial option.

Now you should get 5.1 surround sound!

TO: eCoustics

The picture from crutchfield is in-correct in the back panel labeling...The back panel of our receiver is actually labeled as DVD/6CH orange-color coded and not as DVD only. Also the owners manual labels it as DVD/6CH and the downloadable manual shows it as DVD/6CH as well from Kenwoods website. So...based on the evidence the crutchfield diagram/picture is incorrect???

Also if you look at the front panel input selector choices and someone has both a dvd player and a cd (player or changer) for would assume that the DVD goes with DVD/6CH and the CD player with the CD/DVD selection. This would be logical, wouldn't it be?

Finally...what is eCoustics reply email address if needed to reply directly to eCoustics?


You are correct, the Crutchfield picture is slightly off. According to page 12 of the manual (pdf) from it says to connect a coaxial cable to Coaxial - Video 2.

Therefore, when watching DVDs you would select Video 2 on the VR-6070 receiver.

TO: eCoustics

Can you please elaborate the differences in the Digital Co-axial hookup via VIDEO 2 on page 12 of the manual...with that of DVD/6CH on page 14 of the manual??? What is the actual difference between the two digital co-axial inputs and their proper utilization? Please verify with KENWOODUSA if possible.

Also...the logical front panel layout source input selection buttons would not make logical sense by using video 2? I am looking at simplicity of use and basic understanding if someone only saw the front-panel only...which selector would you hook-up a DVD player to based on the front-panel labeling scheme?

sincerely yours, Michael

I see your confusion caused by page 14.

If you are using a coaxial digital cable connection, then you do not need to hookup the six channel analog connection (also called DVD/6-ch).

The 6-ch analog connection requires 6 RCA cables for each channel from the DVD player to the receiver. Using this hookup the 5.1 processing occurs in the DVD player, not the receiver. Thus bypassing the receiver's surround decoder. The analog output of each channel is sent to the receivers amplifiers, then to your speakers. For this option to work your DVD player must have a built-in surround sound decoder.

When you use a single cable digital connection (coaxial or optical), the dvd player sends a 5.1 digital signal to the receiver. The receiver's surround decoder processes the digital signal and sends sound to each speaker. Since the VR-6070 has a THX approved surround sound decoder, this is the preferred hookup method.

The VR-6070 has 4 digital inputs:
2 coaxial: DVD/6-ch and Video 2
2 optical: CD/DVD and Video 3

You can use any one of these digital inputs. But you only need to use one of them.

Since you are using a digital coaxial cable. You can connect the cable to either DVD/6-ch or Video 2. But you have to enable the option on the receiver by selecting it on the receiver, and verifying the correct input mode is also selected.

You can select:
"DVD/6-ch Coaxial" or "Video 2 Coaxial"

Lastly, make sure you have selected the correct digital output from the DVD player's on-screen menu.

TO: eCoustics

Thank you for your confirmation with your last message-post, which I already have established weeks earlier. So now the true and real saga or series to this challenge starts:

First...your solution does not resolve the matter in fact, go figure?

So here are the basic setup details...

-Toshiba SD-1200 DVD player set to bit-stream digital output mode.
-one only connection; expensive single top-of-the-line Monster Cable (RCA Digital Coxial type) connected from Toshiba DVD player to the input orange on the back of the Kenwood VR-6070 to DVD/6CH.
-input selection for DVD/6CH is "FULL AUTO" detection mode.
-Dolby Digital works OK...but not DTS (the display just flashes with no audio output)!!!
-based on your info this should work flawlessly...but in fact does not work!!!
-this has been my challenge to all on this discussion bbs and to Kenwood technical support (with no response from my email yet from Kenwood technical support) all along.

Note: A lot of buyers of this receiver are experiencing the same situation...take a look at the new posting from Danny Meltzer and elsewhere.

So now what...may I ask?
Maybe you can tell Kenwood directly via the toll-free number to take a hard look into this by linking to your discussion bbs.

sincerely yours...Michael
Just to let you know the Receiver is stupendous in every way except this challenge!!!

I've got this problem about my newly bought a/v receiver, a Kenwood KRF-X9050D. Its a pretty ok receiver, and its been working fine since the day I bought it. But then after about two months I encountered a problem about it. It suddenly turns off at semi-high volumes for no reason at all. I don't think its the power at all because once it turns off the red standby light keeps blinking til you turn it on again. DO you guys know anthing about it? Thanks.

Greg Lee
Michael, you have to enable DTS output using a setup menu item on your DVD player.

TJ Dizun, you might try pressing the input mode button several times until you get back to "full auto". There's something screwy about the way the 6070 changes modes. I haven't had mine spontaneously change into the wrong mode (if that's what is happening to you), but it's worth a try.

My VR6070 is having similar problems. My DVD coax audio was connected to the DVD/6CH connection and was working fine. Then it cut out for a minute or two during my second last movie I watched. Now it doesn't work at all. I had to connect the left/right DVD RCA connections to Video 1 input to get sound. I just connected it to Video 2 coax connection and still no sound, plugged it back into DVD/6ch connection and the sound is back...very strange.

TJ: If the receiver is shutting off at high volumes, it could be because of your speakers. The receiver is meant for speakers with 8 ohm impediance, and if you use speakers with less than that, they make the receiver run at higher wattage, which can sort of over heat the receiver and make it turn off to protect itself. Check to make sure your speakers are 8 ohm impediance.

I have a problem with my newly acquired kenwood KRF-V5560D. It seems that the receiver cannot detect the digital input from my SONY DVD player. I hooked up the digital coaxial cable out from MY DVD to the digital video 2 in of the recevier. BUt when i tried to play DVD movies, and select digital manual in input mode, no sound was produced. Can you help me with this problem


Can you use DTS over RCA leads with your average DVD player?
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