HELP!!! Am I wasting money on a receiver??


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Good morning everyone...

Bear with me as I give the whole story.
I just graduated from college after going to night school for ten years so I'm treating myself to some upgrades to my HT. (FYI I'm a 95% HT 5% music guy)

I already own Infinity Modulus Speakers (I love them because I wanted a satellite system and these sounded the best TO ME)
Two months ago, I bought a Toshiba 62" DLP HDTV (Which IMHO was the best DLP out there, and I stopped at the store 10 different times before making this decision)
Last night I bought a Yamaha 2500.

My old receiver is an old JVC that was an OK entry unit when I started getting into this stuff and too be honest the system sounds great but there is no input to get 5.1 television, which is really all I'm looking for.

I'm also moving all my "old" Surround Sound stuff to my basement I've got some old Acoustic Research towers and Bose bookshelves. I "need" a receiver for that system so I "need" another receiver, but I'm sure for the amount of time I'll be watching TV in the basement the old JVC will be fine.

I pre-wired my entire great room as a 5.1 system. To upgrade to a 7.1 speaker set-up I would have wires running all over the place which I don't want. So, my question is, am I spending too much money on a receiver for a "true" 5.1 system or is this receiver worth the extra money??

Thanks for the input!!! I appreciate it!!

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Can anyone help?? Please??

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It depends what you want. Im similar to you in that probably 95% use(or greater) is watching DVDs or TV in HT mode.

I, coincidentally, also own the RX-V2500 and love it, and it's exactly what I wanted. Is it a waste of money??? Only you can decide that. IMO, it would only be a waste of money if it didnt get used.

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