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My buddy is letting more borrow his yamaha htr5590 for a couple months since he can't use it yet and we hooked it up and i noticed that it has a fixed crossover at 90hz. I have paradigm monitor 7's, cc370 and titans as rears with an Hsu vtf2-mk2 sub. I was wondering if there is anyway to bypass this crossover? can i use the crossover on my sub?
If i can't bypass it, then should i set my fronts to small or large?
Thanks Derek

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d lowe i dont think you can bypass the crossover since it has a fixed 90hz x-over. i would put the receiver to both for the front and sub on the "1E Bass" menu screen. it lease that way you can hear the bass on both the sub and front speakers. but as a rule of thumb, if you are getting a new or used receiver, make sure it has a varible x-over.

i have a yamaha rx-v440 with some large towers and a small sony sub. and i currently have the 1E bass option set to both. I really do not like having a fixed 90hz x-over. thats why i am changing to a new receiver that has a 40 to 200 x-over option.

Hello d lowe,
I do not own a htr5590, but you can definately use your subs crossover.
Set the receiver for both the front and sub on the menu.
Now connect the front output of receiver to your subs crossover. From your subs crossover connect your front speakers. This gives you full control over the subs frequency, and you will also control only the appropiate mids and highs to your front speakers.
Don't listen to anon 12. No receiver x-over can compare to your Hsu x-over. There is no need for a receiver variable x-over when you have a good sub.


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Thanks for your replies, one question i have is right now i am biwiring my fronts and if i run the cables through the sub i will lose the biwiring, do you think i should stick with the biwiring or scrap it and go for the better x-over. Thanks for any replies

Bi-wiring will definately be beneficial for cd/dvd audio aspects, however; I don't see much of a benefit for home theater applications. Most of the sounds emanating from speakers during surround sound tracks are not full audio spectrum.
You will gain more dynamic range though.
My advice to you would be to try both set-ups and see which weighs more of a benefit for you.
Your sub should perform well even with the fixed 90hz x-over of the receiver.

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