Upgrade or buy DLP?


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I bought my Home theatre system in 1997 and since then I havent kept up with the home theatre "business" cause i was happy with what i got, im still happy with my system and im not sure if I want to upgrade or buy a Samsung DLP TV. Can you guys rate my system? Like computers are only good for a few months then they are replaced with better things, how good is my 1998 system to todays system and what should i upgrade or should i just get the DLP?

this is what i have

All Pioneer Electronics

1. Receiver: VSX-D606S (500W (100x5) 5.1 DD no DTS)
2. DVD: DV-606D (With DTS and built in DD decoder with 5.1 output and component out
3. CD: PD-F957 (101 disc carousel with CDTEXT)
4. Tape: CT-W606DR (Dual tape)

Speakers all B&W

Front: 2 x DM-604 (4-way)
Rear: 2 x DM-602 (2-Way)
Center: 1 x CC6 (3-way)
SW: 1 x AS6

My receiver doesnt have DTS, but my DVD player just barely came out with it. I think Pioneer just jammed it in there because they didnt change the face of the DVD player and stamp the little DTS logo in the corner, so they just put a sticker that says it has DTS on it, if I take the sticker off you would never know it had DTS unless you went into the menus. DTS was fairly new in 1997 and they predicted it would take over Dolby Digital, I guess not. It also plays AVI movies and I think mpeg movies, but not the new format thats goin around (DVI?) Also they said that my 101 disc CD player would have tons of problems because it has carousel, after 8 years, i have no problems to report (and that goes for the whole system). So what should it be? Upgrade sound or go for the 50 inch Samsung DLP??

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The audio system sounds good to me - and as long as it actually still sounds good to you when you use it, then get the Samsung. I've heard that their DLP stuff is excellent.

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My kids would say... "both" ;-)

Up to you, I certainly prefer DTS. On the other hand a big screen TV is fun. Samsung is coming out with some really nice models in 2005 (check out avsforum). You could wait for those and buy something else now, you could wait for a discount on the nice HD2+ or HD3 chip based systems now, you could buy something now and then buy something on discount or new. (It is fun when it is someone elses money). But, regardless make sure you spend oodles of time on avsforum looking at the differences between the Samsung models before you drop a huge chunk of cash.
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