How do I connect a 5.1 channel speaker system to a 7.1 channel receiver (Pioneer VSX-1014)?


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I have a Pioneer VSX-1014 receiver and a Velodyne Deco 5.1 channel speaker system. The receiver is actually designed to accommodate a 7.1 channel speaker system, but I am only using 5.1 channels presently. I have my center channel speaker mounted atop the TV and my front left and right speakers adjacted to the TV. My two surround sound speakers are located on a wall behind my sofa, not on the side of it because of the way my house was pre-wired for surround sound.

Here's my question . . . My receiver allows wiring for right and left surround speakers and/or BACK right and left surround speakers. Which should I use? Technically, our speakers are in back, but can I or should I bypass the suround sound right and left inputs in favor of the back surround sound inputs?

And does it make any difference? I was told by one person that the sound coming from surround sound speakers hooked up to the left and right inputs would be better for music, whereas hooking the speakers up to the back inputs would be better for sound effects when watching movies. Is this correct?

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Incorrect. Given that there are no recordings in 7.1, the surround back speakers carry the exact same signal as the surround speakers.

Hook the surround speakers up to the surround left and right inputs of the receiver. Set the surround back speakers to "none."

IMO having speakers directly beside your listening position is the most ideal set-up for surround. Make sure the wiring is of good quality and has no shorts, commonly these set-ups have frayed or low quality wiring behind the walls.

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Chris, yes, it does make a difference. Keep the speakers hooked into the regular surround inputs. Do like Kano says and set the back to 'none' regardless of actual speaker position.

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Done. Thanks to both of you for the advice.
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