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The Fish
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I am looking to overhaul an old HT Sytem (If you could call it that). I recently replaced my 27" Pan with a 55" Sony RP LCD. I have the TV now I need the rest.

The house I bought has a finished basement. The basement is L shaped. The width of the top of the L is 10' 9". The length of the the L is 29' 9" from the from of the TV. (The TV is siting at the top of the L.) The width of the lower portion of the L is 22' 8". The previous owner had run speaker wire for a 5.1 set up. 3 in front 2 in the back and a sub. The front 2 sit about 29" behind the front of the TV and are 10' 9" apart. The 2 rear run the full length of the L (29' 9") and are 10' 9" apart. I am willing to run some more speaker wire for 6.1 or 7.1 set-up (unfortunately it won't be hidden, but I am more interested in results.)

I am not looking to fill the tail portion of the L with sound.

I am looking to spend anyware from $600-$1200. At this time I am planning on using this reciever to power the HT system in the basement and nothing else. I would want a system best suited for movies and TV. On occassion I might listen to music (I have a computer set up and other shelf systems throught the house for most of my music listening.)

Currently I have been looking at the Yamaha 5960 and Pioneer 1014 receiver. I am a bit tied to BB for some of my purchase.

I am open to any ideas. Please help.

The Fish
Unregistered guest
I have recently been looking at 4x JBL E30's for surround and the JBLEC35 for center. I have heard a lot of nice things on this site for the Pioneer 1014 reciever. I also need a sub-wolf. Any suggestions? With current config, I still am willing to spend @ $200.

I would also be thankful if anyone can tell me if this config would fill my room with sound.

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