Firmware upgrade of NAD T753???


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Does anyone know if the processor-PCB of the T7X3's are the same? And in that case if it is possible to make a RS232 converter yourself, temporarily hook it up to the board and make an upgrade using the 763 and up software/firmware?
Would be interesting to know... And do...


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A little confused by the question, are you saying you'd like to take a T763 upgrade and shove it into a T753? Not sure if you could or should or would if that is the question. I'd guess that the upgrade software will tell you what you can and can not do.
The serial cable is just a serial cable. Nothing special (as opposed to some battery powered utilities that do require a special cable). If the object is just to update a T753 then why not seek out an upgrade from your vendor? As a matter of fact it sure would be nice if NAD would open up a little bit about the upgrades.

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The T763 has a few additional features (aside from just more power) than the T753. I'd imagine forcing an upgrade to the 763 OS would be a very bad idea even if the processors are identical.

Do what Dairy Meister suggests -- go to a dealer or call up NAD tech support to see if they can give you an upgrade that is appropriate for your T753.

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Just curious. And I actually ment the 753 firmware using the 763 software for downloading. The 753 lacks the serial-port...



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Although the 753 models can be upgraded, it may well be that the firmware/software in the 753 is on an EPROM which is either swapped out or upgraded externally.

I don't think that NAD make these upgrades available - it doesn't seem to be on their website.

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