Vintage Yamaha Stereo Receiver CR-66II


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I've got an old yamaha receiver that i have been using since the 80's. i know i know - get with the times but honestly i love this receiver! the knobs have a great weightiness that i truly appreciate. the design is still timeless. so i hope someone can answer this question bc i'd hate to have to replace it: the problem is that the sounds emitting from the speakers (bose) gradually became quite static-y - and now the sounds are permanently fuzzy esp when it comes to bass. i've surmised that it's something to do with the speaker lines in the receiver b/c when i listen through my headphones only - it sounds fine. however if i press the speakers A & B buttons on - the static comes right back, even through the headphones. what can i do about this that doesn't involve chucking this faithful receiver?

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Send her in for repairs, I'm sure a few new caps, etc. would fix the problem - they don't make things like they used to - ie to last. Problem will be finding parts, so look for a shop that either carries or specializes in vintage products.

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It's possible with the Yamaha, and most other receivers from this period, the speaker switches are oxidized and need cleaning. There could also be a bad solder joint in the path around the switch or a cracked PC board. Static from the speakers but not the headphones indicates a not too serious problem. It would be wise to take the receiver in for that 100,000 mile tune up.


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Hey J. just wondering what model Bose are you running.

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A spray of WD40 into the speaker selector switches may do the trick!

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wow! thanks for all the help so far. i think you're all right - i should probably take it in for a tune up. about my bose speakers, they're an old set of 201 Series II. they sound great when their isn't static coming out of it. would that be a factor?
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