Devon vs Onkyo vs Yahama vs Harmon Kardon = HELP


Richie Rich
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I am trying to decide between the following receivers for my home theater 6 speaker system and would like any opinions.
Pioneer 1014
Onkyo TX-SR602
Yahama RX-V650
Harmon Kardon AVR 235

All of the above can be bought for around $375. The Pioneer seems to have the most features, but I want the best sound for my money. I watch TV 80% of the time with movies at 10% and music at 10%. Thanks for your help.

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Only you can be the judge of what 'you' think sounds best.

Richie Rich
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not really the answer i was looking for. i was looking for other people's experiences, pluses/minuses of certain receivers, etc. i am a novice and can't distinguish between receivers that are basically rated the same.

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What speakers?

Richie Rich
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good question...trying to decide between a box system (cambridge 108) or bookshelves (cambridge m60, Ascend CBM-170, or Pardigm Focus).

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Of those 4 receivers I'd choose the Pioneer, hands down.

However, the Onkyo 602 can be had for $300 shipped at which is a very reputable seller; it'd be more than adequate as long as you're not overly picky about the 10% of the time that you're listening to music.

As for the speakers, I'd go with the Ascends also hands down...really amazing performance given their price range. Just remember to budget for some quality speaker stands if you're buying bookshelves, they make all the difference in the world. is a great source of affordable but good stands

And since you do so much TV watching, I'd recommend investing in the Ascend 340 center speaker, it's big and not cheap but it really does make a HUGE difference when listening to dialogue which is what TV and movies mainly consist of. On their website, use the "System Advisor" submenu for some nice package savings.

Richie Rich
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I'm actually looking at the Athena Micra 6 speaker set now. Went to Best Buy and they sound great and the wife approved, which is key.

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Sounding great at bb and in your home will be different. Did you listen to them with any of the listed recievers? I'm thinking all those recievers will be close to sounding alike so which have the most flexability? Ins and outs.

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I've owned both Yamaha and HK. I prefer the HK for the high current design. Onkyo is also nice. The music feels warm and natural through the Onkyo. The HK just has a lot of good, clean power in general and is very versatile. I own several HK AVR's (10, 65, 230, 320, and 430). The 430 drives all 7 channels of Infinity Kappas (rated at 6 ohms) with plenty of power.

I suggest you take a couple of your favorite CD's to your local dealer and ask to play them on the different receivers. Then listen for yourself and take your time in deciding what works best for you.
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