Pioneer or Yamaha?


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I know that I might be shot down in flames here, but I want share my opinion and get your views on this.

I own a Yamaha RX-V450 and just for interest sake went to listen to a Pioneer VSX712S today(It's the same price as the Yamaha here!)

I have read so many good things about the Pioneer range on this forum that I expected to be blown away, but in all honesty I was really disappointed! Many years ago Pioneers used to have a sound best described as "Boom, Tizz" and it seems to me as if this has not changed a bit - well at least not on that model.

The highs were screeching in my ears while the bass was overemphasized! Make no mistake I love BIG bass, but it has to be tight! Oh yes, before I forget, the speakers were Wharfedale Evolution 30's and Monitor Audio B4's and 6's.

Now take aim and fire!

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Fire on what? If you don't like it, there are those who will. That's just how it is. Listen and pick, it doesn't matter who or how many your critics are, it is you who will live with the equipment that you purchase. Your ears, your money, your toys!

Different people like different things. Diversity is good, it keeps things dynamic.

seems the pioneer non elite models are overated-probably good with inexpensive or smaller speakers though-yamaha is probably better overall although there have been some quality control complaints(very non scientific complaints so should probably be ignored).pioneer Might be a little more musical or non fatiguing in the long run,but it would seem the yamaha 450 if the same price online is better buy!!

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Well said...
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