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Hey all,
My amp doesn't have enough inputs. It's old model, probably from the late-70s to early-80s. It has two "Tape" inputs, and "Aux" input, and a "Phono" input.

Currently, I have my tape deck hooked to the Tape1 input, my CD player to Tape2, and my computer to Aux. However, that leaves my TV and DVD/VCR not attached to my system.

We generally don't watch TV, and usually only watch movies originating from my PC. But there are times when the lousy speakers on the TV are annoying, so that I'd like to hook my TV up aswell.

What potential problems can I run into by hooking my TV (or any of the other audio sources) to the Phono input of the amp?


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Lots! The Phono input on such an old amp is most likely designed to accept the input from a turntable which is very low indeed - in the order of millivolts. The TV output will be the usual 2 volts or so - or around a thousand times as loud as the amp is expecting. The amp will also try to do a reverse RIAA curve on the TV signal. The result will be a distorted horrible mess....

You might better be served to get a cheap input expander such as the Eagle A098T (£15) which is simply a switch for the inputs. That way, you could plug in your DVD, CD and computer into the expander and this would then plug into the Aux input (the best input) of your amp.

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