Marantz & Denon - owned by the same company. Are the receivers the same?


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It may seem like a dumb question, but inquiring minds want to know.

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You might want to ask the Camaro and TransAm owners that same question.......



I dont know the answer but couldnt help making the joke. Maybe you could compare the two to the Ford Expedition, and Lincoln navigator? Any thoughts from the experts??

My uneducated first impression is that they are two completely independent companies that had nothing to do with each other, and were gobbled up by large corporate giants just like what happens to just about every indepent company at some point or another in this modern global economy.

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: ) I know what you mean. I know that some cars, like models from mercury and ford, have been, essentially, the same thing. I've looked at posts and found good discussions that pointed out small differences between marantz and denon models, but I still wonder if there are certain important components that are the same. I like what I've read about both lines, and I have a friend who loves his Marantz. I'm just trying to find out as much as I can about both lines. My guess is that you're right - they're two independent companies.

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Dear non audiophile person,

Your hunch is correct, in that they are now owned by the same company, D&M Holdings, according to this article.

They may well use some common assemblies as obviously this is more efficient.

Marantz was controlled by Philips for a lonng time, which did nothing for their reputation!

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Thank you for the link. I know what you mean about Philips. : )

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These were two separate brands before they merged. D&M Holdings is Denon & Marantz Holdings.
Denon holds the controlling interest in the new company. I don't think that cross-platforming has started, and I doubt that it will any time soon.
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