Onkyo SR500 Vs Yamaha HTR-5540


Hi Everyone,

I am new to HT and need your advice and looking to buy the first HT for a 22x13 size living room.

I am planning to buy one of the two receivers (Onkyo SR500 or Yamaha HTR-5540) to connect to Bose acoustimass6 II series speakers. I am cocerned about missing S-Video in Yamaha. But as I have just DVD with S-Video, I can just connect it directly. I was thinking of Onkyo HT650 initially but I do not have space in the livingroom for those big speakers. Please let me know any other speaker system with small size the same price range or less.

Also I am planning to buy this system at 4electronicwarehouse.com for 450+299-50=$699 Please post if you have good/bad experience with this site. Thanks in advance for your help.

Onkyo SR500 is good choice, try to find specialty retailer (yahoo local, your yellow pages, etc.) that carries Yamaha's RX-V line. Maybe your near a Genesis Audio or Audio Encounters. Also check out the Denon 1403. It has 10 more W/Ch over the Onkyo. Basically your choice, IMHO, should depend on the features you like. I would pay no head to the folks who will try to tell you that one receiver sounds 'brighter' or 'warmer' than another, they really shouldn't 'color' the sound, based on the laws of physics. IMHO, those are the same people who would tell you to go out & spend $1,000 just on cables & interconnects. LOL. If you need convincing (understandable) ask a dealer / retailer to set up identical speakers (any kind will do) on two different receivers in the same room. What do you think? Of course DSPs, which digitally alter the sound, will make a difference, and may influence your purchase. Yamaha's are highly praised. Also keep in mind, however, that many consider these to be novelties that are fun for a little while, then get old instead of used. Really, you want to go look at them (psych. impression makes a difference!) and pay attention to the little details. One or two features may really catch your eye (e.g. late night listening mode, virtual cinema sound, etc.), or you could discover that all else being equal, one remote is unusable & the other made for your hand. The best advice I got while gathering info like you're doing was to relax, be patient, & go check stuff out. HTH, Happy Listening.
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