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Wondering if any wise souls could give me some input on what speakers would match well w/ my NAD320BEE. I'm looking to spend at most $500. I've been considering paradigm mini monitors, B&W601s3, and possibly axiom m22tis. any other ideas or opinions on these speakers. other speaker suggestions? thanks.

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What type of music and at what volume levels do you like to listen? What are you musical priorities (tonal balance more than smoothness, soundstaging more than detail, etc.?)

The 601 S3 should work well with a 320BEE. Not familiar with Paradigm or Axiom.

Happy shopping! Find a dealer where you can listen to such a setup before you buy or a place with a return/exchange policy.

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i listen to a lot of different types of music, jazz, rock, electronic, reggae. i usually listen at reasonable volumes, crank it every once in a while. not very familiar w/ the terms tonal balance vs smoothness. could you explain? i am leary of winding up w/ a very bright setup. would rather air towards warm. i'm newbie w/ this stuff, i know what i like, but i'm not sure if can put it into words since i don't know what the terms really mean.

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I personally love Paradigm. Take a look at the monitor 5's. They have the imaging of a monitor, with the bass performance of a small tower.

The highs are one of the speakers strenghts, and if you have a wide range of music like myself, you owe it to yourself to give these speakers a listen.


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I was merely throwing out the various characteristics and values that audiophiles use to describe the way a product sounds and how it reproduces music.

This might be a useful guide for you:

Personally, I seem to tend towards a laid back, more mellow and smooth (liquid) sound. I value that over maximum detail resolution. Some friends who have heard my setups think they're dark sounding but I find I am quite sensitive to bright setups and I really hate excessive sibilance (hissing "s's").

I have NHT SB3 ($600) driven by 320BEE. I think it's a good setup with "softer" material and especially with vocal jazz. This speaker has a astonishing amount of bass extension for a bookshelf and has a very warm sound. The SB3 is a demanding speaker to drive so I may not recommend this setup for someone who listens to a lot of rock or orchestral music- dynamics might be a compressed (runs out of steam), especially at higher levels.

I think a B&W 601 would be a good choice. PSB Image B25 ($450) ought to provide a neutral and detailed without being too forward or bright. NHT SB2 ($400) also might be satisfying to you.

Regardless of my suggestions or press reviews or what not, rely on what you think sounds right and good to you. To this end, I cannot emphasize how important it is to try to find a way to listen before buying.

Happy listening.
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