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Vanessa P
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There seem to be very few stores that sell B&W speakers. In all of NYC there are only about three stores that sell them. Does this imply something negative (over rated) about them? Where would you rank the B&Ws relative to other speaker lines?

Sam Of Chicago
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Not many stores carry B&Ws coz' regular consumers don't want to afford them and regular stores like CC or Bestbuy or Tweeter don't carry them. These are very high quality British speakers and are rated among the best for performance and value. Most people who buy them are audiophiles. The B&W 703 series floor speakers are US$3000 a pair!! but, when you listen to them you'll pull out your credit card right there!!...
There are many speakers better than B&Ws but you may have to spend a lot more money.
Again, keep in mind, when buying speakers you have to make a proper match with your kind of Receiver and also YOUR ears should love their sound. What may sound good to you may not be good for others.
But if someone on this forum tells you that B&Ws are NOT good speakers, THEY ARE LYING or just don't know what they are talking about!!

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I have to agree. I have the 803 for front and 802 for rear surround, along with cm2 center and whenever I listen to them, its always heaven. I am using them with Yamaha rx2095 which is not in any way a high end receiver but even then, these speakers shine no speakers I have ever heard. I have been an ardent and very loyal B&W customer since I had their 602s. The 602 are the budget line but they sound like they cost a couple of thousand dollars more.

Shops dont carry them because customers are into brand recognition. Only audiophiles (i am certainly not) know about them. Nothing negative except they are pricey speakers but the quality is topnotch.
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