Getting extreme static when connect turntable to receiver


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I'm not an expert on electronics. I just know enough to get myself in trouble. I'm having trouble connecting my turntable to my receiver. I've been using a Dual 1019 tunrtable connected to a Kenwood VR-207 receiver. That setup has worked fine.

But in another part of the house, I had a Panasonic turntable connected to a Rotel RX830 receiver. (The turntable was removed from its original case long ago, and I don't have any info on the model. But it is a pretty cheap one.) This receiver finally gave out, so I bought a new receiver, which I hooked up with the Dual turntable. I moved the Kenwood to the Panasonic.

But when I connected the Kenwood to the Panasonic, I have extreme static. Why is this? If I connect the turntable to the video or tape input instead of the phono input, the static disappears, but the sound level is far too low for my tastes.

I don't understand where the static is coming from. Is there anything I can do about this?

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Static means a snapping and crackling sound at a mid to high frequency; is this what you're hearing? Is it constant or happens at certain times?

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