Denon mini system questions D-F101MB


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Hey - I've seen a lost of mostly good reviews of denon mini systems (D-M31S mainly) - but I can't seem to find much info on the D-F101MB system. Does anyone have any first (or even second hand) experience with this system? Or maybe know of a link to a professional or user review? Of maybe have any somewhat well informed opinion of it?

Also has anyone bought a denon "factory refurbished" product? 90 days seems like a kind of a crap warranty. Do they not trust their own repairs?

Thanks in advance

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They sound bigger since the speakers are bigger - and has better CD player, and a better amp section. I somehow like the sound of d-m50s. It is often recommended system by British audio magazine -

They do seem to break down a lot though - however refurbished units are supposed to have a better record then the new since they are individually checked - but you are right, 90 days is not so great.

You can buy at ebay and save.


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Let me clearify my last post - the unit that breaks down often is the 50 model, not the 101.

I like the sound of 101 better - better cd player - 24/96, and the amp is of better quality too - but the system can't play the m71 speakers that comes with it as well as the 50 model can play it's smaller speaker.

So as a package, the 50 model sounds better, but if you just consider the separate components, the 101 is superior.

I would buy the 101 and pair it with different speakers if you have them.

If you want to use the speakers that comes with the unit, then the 50 model is better sounding package.

I've never heard the 31 model - has different mission speaker, so I can't comment on that.

Both 50 and 101 models can be had for a great price on ebay now - refurb.

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I bought the 50 model not long ago with a pair of Energy C-1s. I compared those speakers to the Missions and to me the sound on the Missions is more I went with Energy. $280Cdn they are a great value.

The speakers couldn't handle deep bass all that well so I went out and bought a Mission MS8 sub and that fixed the problem beautifully. No complaints so far. Sometimes when the CD changer is switching between discs it seems to have a problem getting there. I just hear the parts churning around in there and it tries to get to the next disc but can't. So it keeps trying and eventually it gets there (30 seconds maybe is the longest it's ever taken). I am afraid of it breaking but so far it hasn't, and I assume this is just normal for this particular system.

I'm planning on eventually upgrading my speakers to probably the Paradigm Studio 20...and then maybe moving the Energy's to a home theatre set up with a Marantz or HK receiver.
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