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I have read in this forum about the many complaints regarding various receivers. I have added my own gripes. However, I think it is reasonable to assume that many content receiver owners have little reason to contribute their opinions therefore, it is highly likely that the majority of receivers don't suffer the problems seen on this forum.

However, there are some brands that seem to be having consistant problems and I wonder if the manufacturers read these forums and note the issues.

People spend considerable amounts of money on their equipment and should expect years of enjoyment without the hassles. Manufacturers should test their lines under all conditions (climate, speaker impedence and sensitivity, software and so on) thoroughly before releasing their products to the world market.

And above all, they should be 100% honest about their specifications. I for one, am happy with my receiver, but I still have issues. One answer to the many complaints we have is not practical one: Stop buying the products until the manufacturers can offer quality and reliability!

We should expect no less regardless of brand. Then we could make truly informed decisions based only what suits our ears. HT is for our enjoyment, not looking at empty spaces in cabinets.

Even though there maybe many more receivers that don't give problems, judging by the numbers that do in this forum alone, the manufacturers should take note. Their expense in fixing/swapping etc should reduce dramatically if they spent a little more on quality control. Even if it added an average of $50 a unit, who would not pay the extra for the peace of mind?

Maybe this is a useless posting/rant but we, the consumers, are constantly being duped by dishonest specs and slick advertising and there is nothing we can do!

Or is there?

I for one was deterred from purchasing my preferred receiver by negative comments in this forum and elswhere. I absolutely loved the sound and looks etc but I was just too nervous even though I was assured that I would have no problems under warranty. But I wanted a receiver in my cabinet, not on some techicians repair bench.

NAD didn't get my money - it went to Marantz! Am I happy? Yes, mostly, except on very hot days I'd rather not use it! I know - get a fan - but I should not need to.
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