HK 430 - HK 335 did technology change lots


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I am wondering you all seem so insightful, how does the new 335 stand up to the 430. Is it more advanced, I have been hearing that the 335, 235, and 135, are basicaly the same machines just more watts and inputs, respectively anybody wanna comment, please I wanna know.

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The 330 to 335 will have the exact same power output, there is a better feature set in the new line.

The major improvement from the previous line IMO is the EzSet system. The system now sets the subwoofer level automatically and accounts for in-room dynamics - ie furniture placement/ room acoustics.

Personally I'm perfectly happy with the 430, the only thing I'd like to see on it is HDMI input/output. Otherwise using an SPL meter to calibrate the sub is just as good.


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I agree with Kano (who would have thought?). The EZ set system on H/K, if I remember correctly, does set subwoofer level, but does not adjust bass frequency on the room EQ.

The thought behind that was that H/K felt that lower frequency EQ was best done on the sub rather than the reciever. Kano knows more about the H/K's than I do so he may be able to better elaborate on that aspect of H/k's room EQ abilities.

Quite honestly, although Denon is supposed to be one of the best at on room EQ, but I can barely tell a difference between the "Flat" setting and having the EQ turned off. The "Normal" EQ setting is way too warm for my tastes. So, I think that room EQ has a way to go yet. It's a nice feature to have, but not really all that necessary.

I think that's really all that's new with the new H/K XX "5" models. Get the analogue SPL meter from Radio Shack, as Kano states above, and you can be dialed in quite nicely with your 430.

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