Minimum safe ventilation area above amplifier?


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I've got a Marantz PM-7200 that is currently residing in a fairly tight area. Due to the mounting location, I have to have a smaller component sitting on top of the amplifier. While I realize that it is far from ideal, is it safe? Will the amp. get enough ventilation in this setup?

Just for reference, it'll be driving a pair of 8ohm speakers in A/B mode.

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If you live in the US then the Safe Height Above Toroids (S.H.A.T.) is about 3.12mm which should prevent embarrasment from thermal cout out.

Howvere, in Europe; its likely banned under the kyoto agreement (he he how may readers recognise THAT treaty eh?), so you will have to run it in Class B mode only.

In Asia, you can do what the chuff you want. Either way its fine unless it overheats, which case it will stop working: then you will know to move it!

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The amp can get pretty hot so I wouldn't put anything on top of the amp, the Marantz "user guide" says clearly:

- Make sure ventilation holes are not blocked or covered
- Ensure that air can circulate freely around the amplifier.

This amp can run pretty hot so I'd follow Marantz's advice

However: My dad owns a (crap) Sony receiver for 10 years already, placed on top of it a Sony cassette player (12 years old) and a cd player (15 years old). The bottom of the cassette deck is always hot, for my dad never shuts his set off.
It never failed to work!
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