Lost 10 Gig on Lyra 2840 - can I get it back?


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I have a 2840 that had about 10 gigs worth of mp3's on it. Then one day, while powering up, it came up with the missing systems file error. When I connected it to a computer, I found that the HD was corrupt and all of my files were garbage. I went to the RCA site and got the system download and re-downloaded the system file. The only thing is now the drive only shows 27 gig. I tried to format, but it wouldn't work. Does anyone know how I can make the drive whole again?


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we've just solved this one - mine had 35gig on it... and died in the same way - when it was connected, windows XP seemed to re-format the header of the drives - putting them in an old dos format, and making the drive "fat12" format.
download HEXPLORER from www.snapfiles.com. open hexplorer, find the drive - wipe out everything on the drive (literally a 'select all & delete everything process)... then use 'h2format' (you'll have to dig this one out of a google search so i'm told) to reformat the drive (you have to run this off the cmd line + it's in german! zer gut ja!) - you should then be able to see the drive, run the firmware upgrader, and you'll have your lyra back!.

Good luck - btw, contacting Thomson Tech Support was next to useless!

First of all sorry for my English (I'm from Spain). I had a similar problem. I was doing a backup of my files to the 2840 and after moving everything I turned it off. After formatting and installing Windows I turned on the Lyra and it didn't respond. It appeared the first Screen and then do nothing. After trying to reset it, nothing happened so I thought that the filesystem was corrupt. What I did was using a software that a friend of mine gave me Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS Recover that is pretty cool and I was able to recover ALL (and I mean ALL) my info back (http://www.stellarinfo.com/) It lasted two complete days to recover all the 20GB info but it worked. (I even recovered de System files of the Lyra) Then I formatted the Lyra drive with the Windows XP tools for Partitions (Control Panel > Administrative tools > Management > Data Storage etc), copied de LYRA system files back and everything worked like the first day!!! I hope it works for you.
Good Luck!!
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