What to do with 40+ yr old RCA Console


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An older friend of mine dragged out her 40+ yr. old RCA Stereo Consloe that has been sitting unused for 30 years. It has a terrible hum in all modes now (AM/FM, turntable, Aux-in) that doesn't go away (BTW - no tubes; Solid-State!), nor does it change in volume when the volume is messed with. If you turn it up and sit in another room it is almost tolerable, but if you listen on low volume, the hum covers up the signal.

1) Any ideas on a cheap and easy fix?

2) How about converting it to modern using a cheap boombox, and still drive the speakers in it?

3) Is there a kit out there for mdernizing the system?


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Don't bother. These consoles were atrocious when new.

I'd convert it into a planter:-)

No kits for RCA console systems. It is far less expensive and better to get new equipment. Even a very cheap receiver and cheap speakers will sound lightyears better than this console ever did.

You must remember--much of the cost was in the furniture part of the console. Those awful turntables ruined LP's.

My dad had a solid state stereo console in the late 50's into the 60's. The furniture was better than the electronics--and I think that was the point of these horrible things. Listening to the radio was the only tolerable aspect.

In 1970 I painted the whole house during the summer to get a stereo. I bought an Onkyo receiver and two large floor standing KLH speakers and a good turntable. I set it up in their house before I went back to school. Big mistake. They loved it so much they kept it.

I shouldn't complain. They paid for much of my college:-)

does any one know how to hook up a amp to a old rca stereo i need help real bad and quick

the amp is old and its like a 220 watt

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I was given an RCA console with a 21" round picture tube. I replaced the tube with a new one I had found, checked and replaced all weak/bad receiving tubes, repaired a loose solder joint on the video board, cleaned the tuner and controls, replaced the existing phono cartridge with a megnetic type and installed a preamp for it.
The tv works great. The phono tracks at 3 grams and I use it all the time plus the radio as well!
It was time well spent and it gets a lot of compliments from people who come to visit and see this vintage unit perform as it did in 1963.
Get the idea? It is a 1963 engineered set so do not expect it to perform to some 21st century specs!

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To each his own. I don't look fondly back on my folks RCA console from the early 60's (without tv, but with tuner and turntable). Radio was half decent, but the turntable was atrocious. I would never play my LP's on it.
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