Can I connect non-Bose speakers to a Bose Lifestyle 28 unit ??


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I own a Bose Lifestyle 28 reciver with its set of mini speakers. I would like to add remote speakers into my balcony ( being it is for outdoors, adequate quality of sound there is acceptable. Bose tells me that I must use its components only. They say I must buy an amplifier unit, special cable to connect to the Bose, and Bose speakers( about another $500 in expense). I happen to own a variety of bookshelf speakers, which I would like to re-use.
Can anyone tells me if this can be done? if so, how?

Any suggestions are appreciated, As I cannot see spending that kind of additional money, being I already own other speakers (JVC, & Sony).

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I say sell your Bose receiver on eBay, you'll never look back and never regret it. Even a cheapo $150 Best Buy receiver would do better than the Bose, plus you can keep your other speakers which can't be any worse than Bose speakers would be.

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The Bose receiver can only power the mini set of speakers, the receiver can also output 2 channel signals, which you can connect to external amplifiers and 2 speakers at a time. $500 every time you want to add another 2 speakers to the chain. You can add up to 14 speakers this way. And for $7000 you could have bought other sound equipment, much better sound equipment.

To add another set of speakers without more Bose, you can buy their amplifier unit -;jsessionid=B9hHVqN5nHDMghgMj71MHhSQW17YnGQRk1yRdc2v1Mfn9stnb2sk!-1691742551!508 160476?event=VIEW_STATIC_PAGE_EVENT&url=/popup/expansion/pop_sa3.jsp&pageName=/h ome_entertainment/stereo/bookshelf/301_sa3/index.jsp',574,500

You can plug whatever speakers you want into one of those, but it's questionable if any other external amplifier without the Bose 400% mark-up would work or not.

The only other option is to split the signal out of the front left/right speaker connections on the receiver. This is a bad option for a good receiver, and would melt the Bose quickly, definitely not recommended.


Hey look! The bottom line is with the LS28 isthat the cube speakers run strictly off the BASS MODULE which is equalized specifically for bose cubes and nothing else. You could run input to another source of amplification or a receiver. I would not recommend hooking up anything but the Bose cubes to the Bose module. Just stating facts!

By the way as a Bose employee I would highly recommend not buying Bose. KEF, Paradigm, Klipch

Sorry to put you down man but bose is not the speaker to go with or system
not only do they not sound good for the price but you can buy way better stuff for how much bose goes for

Bose makes there speakers so cheaply and they sell them for an outragious price



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Thanks fellows for your replies. But the fact is that I ALREADY OWN A BOSE. I do not want to buy extension speakers for a second room, for the same reasons you suggest. I want to use OTHER Speakers that I already own, and are currently collecting dust, not being used. I am trying to find out if there is a practical way of using them with the BOSE system, so I do not spend any more money on new speakers . So I welcome suggestions on how to accomplish this. So far I have received fairly pessimistic suggestions. I can imagine that with all the talent out there in 'accoustic -land' , someone would have already figured out how to accomplish this.

Still looking for help.


Sorry to inform freind but with Bose you are stuck with matching it up with Bose and Bose only. I would recommend finding a bose SA1 AMP for cheap and picking up a Bose AM-5 for that second zone. Approx $$$ 400 CDN
Butn thats just a simple solution if you dont mind BOSE that much!
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