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I'm the Vandersteen guy looking for a matching av receiver. After calling around to the local stores here, I think separates, the first choice of many, will be too expensive. Also, there are no NAD dealers anywhere near. But I did find some demos which are interesting and wanted your opinions. There's a Marantz 9200 (with the 2 latest software upgrades, making it comparable to the 9300) for $1700 and a Yamaha RXZ1 for the same price. Also found a new B+K AVR 505 for $2800 which supposedly reflects a recent price reduction, keeping it a bit out of my price range ($2K) but would consider it if it was really worth the extra grand. The new Rotel 1067 (100 wpc) has also arrived at $2200. A Pioneer elite VSX 47 is $1699.

I'm a little leery of buying yesterday's technology but that fear may be unfounded. We're not audiophiles who must have the latest. We're looking for somthing that will power the Vandys, let us provide sound to a second room without adding another amp, and will allow a seamless transition into HD DVD and HD TV someday. Something that will last.

There are only 1 each of the demos left, meaning I need to get moving tomorrow if they are the way I should go.

Thanx again.


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