Have you heard of Audiosphere Research?


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I was given a pair of Audiosphere research monitor 100 speakers and they sound REALLY good. I was wondering if a frequency response of 30-22,000 is good? Thanks!

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I cant say that I've heard of them, but the frequency response is decent. You may still want a subwoofer for HT (slam effects), but for most music it should be fine. For reference human hearing is typically considered between 20000-20Hz.

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To be scientific for a moment:

Frequency response (if indeed really important) should be quantified with the roll off at each extreme. Normally, this is specified within +/- 3dB. Bear in mind that decibel scale is a logarithmic relative scale (the Sone is the absolute measurement of SPL) so -3dB is HALF the volume of the orignal sound level. So, a typical quality stand mount speaker would be on axis +/- 3dB 70Hz - 20 to 25Khz (top end is not speaker enclosure dimensionally dependant).
Most manufacturers will quote +/- 3 dB figures, as well as +/-6 dB figues (half the sound pressure level again). Fopr the most part. frequency response figures are meaningless tat above a certain level of hi-fi (cheap budget is ok) and should no way color your judgement of the sound. If it sounds ok, then it is.

Below 30Hz it is debatable whether you actually "hear" the sound or feel it..whilst the body will transmit ULF to the ear, think of this: do you "hear" someone jostling you on the underground at 3Hz?

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To be scientific again, -3dB is half the acoustical energy; -10dB is perceived half the volume.
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