Dropped Athena BS2 speaker - Dead?


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Hi All,

I've been busy renovating my basement and creating my own home theatre. I love it! My father dropped by the other day with a coffee table for the new room. He walked in with it and promptly knocked one of my Athena BS2s off it's perch. Despite my dive to try to catch it, it hit right on the back rear corner. After tentatively turning on the receiver to see if it still worked, I discovered it now has terrible distortion coming from it. :-< I have removed the rear connectors and taken the woofer and tweeter out to see if there was any physical damage. Nothing. All looks clean and intact. Is there anything that I can do? Am I out of luck with this one? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance...

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Try removing the wires from each driver (as long as they aren't soldered) and see if you can isolate the problem to a particular driver.

You may not be able to see the damage if the voice coil has been damaged.

Call Athena customer service and see if they can repair it or sell you one speaker.

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Thanks Riches1. I gave Athena customer service a call and they seemed to be on-the-ball. I am taking it in tomorrow to see what can be done. I'll follow up with the results.

Fingers crossed....

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I picked up my repaired speaker today from Audio Products International (parent co. for Athena). It took 24 hours for them to fix the driver and even repair the case where it had dropped. I'm very pleased with their quick service. All tolled, it cost me $106 Cdn. I'm happy with that given the alternative of buying a new pair for $300! 2 thumbs up for Athena service.
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