NAD T743/753 or HK330/430 with PSB Image 5T/2B


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I really like the PSB Image setup, and am wondering if the T743 or HK 330 is going to give me enough juice for them. PSB tech was no help. Ilike the HK's feature list much better with a powered (2nd remote included) second zone.

I've also considered Atlantic, Monitor and RBH as well. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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I have PSB Image speakers paired with an NAD T762 and absolutely love the combo. To answer your questions, both of those receivers will have plenty of power for your Image speakers. The Image speakers are "moderately" sensitive, so powering them with these two receivers should be no problem.

However, that being said, I think the NAD would be a better choice for you...and I don't say that just because I have one. HK is known for being a very mellow and warm sounding receiver, while the NAD is more neutral sounding (not overly bright, not overly warm). PSB speakers are known as being fairly warm sounding as well. Therefore, if you pair the warm sounding HK with the warm sounding PSB speakers, I think the results might be too warm...if that makes any sense. HK sounds much better with speakers that tend toward the bright side. The neutral sounding NAD does much better with PSB in my opinion. Also, PSB and NAD are owned by the same parent company. I have read various articles and reviews that state that NAD uses PSB speakers in their labs to test the receivers. In my mind, NAD and PSB match perfectly...but go with your ears. If you like the features of the HK better and the sound is acceptable to you...then by all means...get it!

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I think your T762 has a bitmore juice than the 743 or even 753. My room is 14x20. I did notice that the PSB's sound more mellow than the Snells the dealer compared them to.

Will the difference in the sound quality of NAD vs. HK really be that noticable?


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You are correct, the 762 does have more power, but that isn't why I made my recommendation. Like I said, the Image series speakers are fairly efficient. They don't require loads of power. Both of those models will power the speakers just fine. If you were going to try to power your speakers with a lower end Sony, Onkyo, or Yamaha (which are all known to greatly overstate their power ratings), I might say you need more power. But NAD and HK are at the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of power ratings. They both are very conservative in their ratings. Tests have shown that both brands actually exceede their listed power. 50 watts in an NAD is probably twice as much "real power" than 50 watts in an Onkyo or Sony. Therefore, I truly do not think you will have any problems with either of those two receivers...they have more power than you will EVER need.

As far as how "noticable" the sound quality would be in HK vs. NAD...that is up to you. Only you can define exactly what "noticable" is. I think you will definately be able to hear a difference...but whether that difference is a deal breaker for...only you can decide. This is where personal preferences come in.

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Both NAD and HK are excellent products and matched with the "right" speaker, will sound outstanding. Some differences ( and everyone else please correct me where I'm wrong ) that you may want to consider are, in no particular order; HK (630 & 430) have quad base management, a true powered zone 2, 7 channels, RS-232 port for future upgrades!,HDCD decoding, inputs for MP3 streams from your PC, ready for future HD radio, LCD remote, the front inputs can be turned into outputs (630 only)which is an HK exclusive, and some other things I'm forgetting. Looks pretty cool too IMHO. However, as anyone on here will tell you, let you ears be your guide. I recently bouhgt an HK avr630 instead of an NAD 753 for all the above reasons. Not to mention the problems I've read about on here with even the new NAD lineup. Good luck and let us know what you decide.

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Thanks for the input people!

Let me elaborate a little bit... I'm starting from scratch, no equipment. My friend has the PSB 5T's in stereo, and I really like them a lot. I've listened to them at the dealer in a much bigger room, and still like them for the price ( I can get the pair for $504).

My budget right now is EXTREMELY limited, so I thought I'd start with the receiver for around $500, and use my JBL floors and Advent bookshelves with it. Then I'd start subbing the PSB's a pair at a time until I finished with the 5.1 setup.

No way I can spring for the whole $2,000 right now. What do you think?

My wife is canadian, so like most other canadians, she has an appreciation for good audio. The PSB's make her feel pretty good, and the NAD will as well, but I like the feature set better on the HK (she can listen to something else outside on the patio).

Am I going about this all wrong??

Thanks again,


I , too , am torn by the same question.Whether to go for the sound of the NADs or the feature set of the HKs. Appreciate if someone like Hawk replies to this question.

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i got a problem.. so if anyone can give me some ideas for what to do.. i'm gonna buy an reciver,, and my choices is NAD T753 or NAD T763.. is the NAD T763 worth it's money insted of buying the cheaper one NAD T753??? And what is it with the sound that everyone complaining about??? thx 4 help!! sorry for my bad english!! hope you guys understand a little... :-)

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The biggest advantages of the 763 over the 753 include software upgradability (via RS-232), an additional component video input, and 30 W of extra power. It's worth the extra money to me, but your budget will play a key role in that decision.

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I'm going to try to buy the HK330 today somewhere in NYC or CT. After all of the posts all over the board about the problems with NAD, I'm out.
I just bought a new house (my first) and have had lots of problems with tradesmen and materials I've used for repairs and renovations. If I invest big bucks for a receiver with limited (compared to the HK) feature set and it sounds really amazing but for the hum, or the display or anything else, I'll be heartbroken. I know it's always kind of a crapshoot, but I think this time, I'll limit my disappointment potential and play it safe.

I'll let you all know how I make out with setup and my crappy old speakers.

Thanks again for all your help,


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Picked up the HK330 today at J&R Music for $499 out the door. I'll let everyone know how the setup goes and how it sounds.


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stiege - I just picked up the 330 at Circuit City - $529.99 out the door (they had it for $699.99 on the shelf).

I'll race you to see who can set it up first...
(of course, my speakers don't come in til next Tuesday...)
Mirage Omnisats by the way..
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