I hear nothing of the Pioneer EX500 combo player???


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Is this system worth anything?

It's branded as Pioneer "Elite" but the price point is only $850 retail -- $500 street.

I have the Samsung DLP with the HD931 DVD player - with DVI connection.

My questions:
1. Will I lose much by replacing the DVI connection on the DVD player with component video connections?
2. As a receiver replacement - does this push enough sound to make it worthwile? In other words, does it make sense to NOT buy an Onkyo 701 (or HK AVR 330 or similar) and use this instead?

I really can't find too much on the web about this system.


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In answer to your questions:

1) You won't lose much byusing compnent connections--but I still prefer DVI if possible.

2) I don't know how big your room is or what speakers you have. But I would definitely get the HK or Onkyo over the PE combo--or most any combo. I would be very confident that the amp section of the HK is far superior to the PE combo.

I am always leery when a company only lists the power into 2 channels of a multichannel receiver. Leads me to believe there is a huge drop-off when 5 channels are driven.

Get the better receiver as you already have a dvd player with DVI.

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Thanks Greg..

I think you're right. I just saw this pop up on my A/V radar screen and wondered about it...

I think I'll get the HK 330. BTW - I just bought the Mirage Omnisat's. It will be in my basement - about a 18 x 27 foot space.

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Mike--you're welcome.

I hope the Mirage omnisat's put out enough "sound" to fill your rather large room. If the satellites are too small they may struggle in a big space. But the HK's have good amplification---good receiver choice at this price range.
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