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I am having trouble with my Marantz sr6300, when connected to a dvd player (Marantz dvd 4300) using the coax or optical cable it works fine for about 10mins when it gets hot usually one of the surround speakers pops then ommits a high pitched scream, which works its way to all of the speakers. It can be instantly stopped by switching the control knob to any other setting but the noise returns in several minutes. I took the unit back to the retailer who exchanged it and said there were issues with some of the units starting with the serial number 237, which mine had. He swapped it for another unit also with serial number 237 and it continues to have the same problems. The unit appears to get extremely hot, I have had other brands in the past that got warm but not as hot as this particular unit. It is only 4 days old. It also has a problem that it drops the audio signal from the HD dgtech set top box. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to determine that this is a fault with the amp?
Im thinking of returning the unit for a exchange to a Yamaha rxv 740, does anybody think this unit is in the same league as the Marantz or any suggestions on a more suitable unit? Please remember I live in Australia and not all models are available here. That is why the sr6300 is still the current model in Australia.

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It seems the Marantz x300 units need a fair bit of air circulation to keep them from getting hot.

I have a Marantz 7300ose.

Although I haven't had the same problem as yours, the receiver did get very hot setup in bookshelf style stereo stand. I moved it to the top of an open style stereo stand and it hasn't got hot since. It gets fairly warm when driven hard but never hot.

Make sure you have enough open space around the receiver. The owner's manual recommends 8 inches all around.

Preventing the unit from getting too hot may solve your problem and prevent future problems.

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I live in Australia also. I have an SR-7300 which also gets very hot at increased volumes and heavy surround effects. More so in very hot weather. Keep plenty of space (as Kev5 mentions) around the unit. I wonder why you accepted a replacement unit with the same serial numbers that are having problems. I suggest, after the retailer admitting this, you take it back and get it replaced with a unit without the offending serial numbers and see what happens.
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