How Efficient do the speakers need to be?


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I know this is a speaker question, but there seem to be more tube amp guys on this board than on the speaker board. I'm looking to get speakers for my tube monoblocks (on a budget), but I read that I should look for efficiency in the 90s. My Marantz Model 2 amps are rated at 40 watts each. Am I asking for trouble if I get, for example, B&W 303 speakers rated at 88db sensitivity? I want to make sure I get speakers that sound good, and make my amps sound good. As modern speakers are designed with powerful Solid-State amps in mind, I want to make sure I choose wisely.

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From my own experience of B&W DM 303's they go loud enough on a measly 30 wpc as delivered from my old NAD 3130 amp. Unless you live in a hall in which case probably not.

For info my listening room is approx 20ft x 15ft
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