Need help building a subwoofer.


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My question may be simple. I have an 8 ohm 12" single voice coil Lanzar car audio sub. I want to connect it to an integerated stereo Amp and use it for my home theater subwoofer. My self powered 8" sub just doesnt cut it anymore. This is just an idea as these are just laying around collecting dust. Connecting the AMP to my home stereo reciever is simple. RCA from the LFE channel Split (Y'ed) in to the AMP. I think the speaker should be safe to use as it's 8 ohms, and the AMP is rated for 8 ohm speakers. My question is has anyone had experience with this? I am wondering if using a mono sub on a stereo AMP will cause any trouble? Also is there any way to Bridge the power from the AMP? In other words, instead of connecting it to either the left or right chanel. Is there a way to connect it mono as you would on many car stereo amps? If not, would connecting it to the right channel and having no load on the left cause harm to the AMP? Another option would be to use a 12" JL audio 12W6 dual voice coil sub. That would solve the unbalanced load problem, simply connect one voice coil to each channel. That would also create another problem as each voice coil is 6 ohms, and the AMP is rated for 8 ohms. I don't plan to drive the AMP all that hard, no where near it's limit. I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.


Hi Jack
This article may be of help to you.
Read the third to the last paragraph where he cautions not to connect both left and right chanels into one speaker (for the amps sake).
here is the link:
Good luck,

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I would also recommend Parts Express ( where you can buy subwoofer cabinets, sub amps (if desired), speaker connectors, and even plans for assembling a sub.

Good luck!

I have a yamaha mx-2(150+150) stereo power amplifier> I would like to use it for a subwoofer amplifier. How would I go about this, and I would like to use a 15 inch woofer. Thanks.

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yo jack i have done things simular to what you
are doing many times.

yes you should be able to use one side of the amp with no problem.

now you could use the subwoofer amp from your 8
inch sub to power the new lanzar.

also subs need quite a bit of power to perform
correctly.and sub amps generally provide that.

also if you wanted to go the dual 6ohm voice
coil route the amp rated at 8 ohm should handle
the 6ohm load.then you would probably put out a
good amount of power to do the sub justice.

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I have a pair of pioneer cs-703 4-way speakers. They have ribbon super tweeters in them ,and I blew them. I repaired them with aluminum foil, but the don't sound as loud. But when I press the top to the bottom very hard, they seem to get a little louder. Is there something that I could do to make them a little louder? Thanks.

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I have a Toshiba sd-4109x dvd player. I don't have the remote. Is there anyway to access the menu. I have a learning remote but I can't access the audio button or other important ;parts

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I have an Onkyo dvc-601 dvd player. It does not have 6-channel outputs. Is there a separate 6-channel output that I can purchase that connects via digital coaxial cable? Thank you. I also have a Toshiba dvd player with 6-channel outputs. Is that considered dvd-audio? I don't have the remote, so I can't access the menu. Is there a way to access the menu without the remote? I have a learning remote, and put in the three number code but all it does is cut it on and off, and plays and starts it. It cannot access the audio or anything else. Thanks.
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