Is a center cannel speaker necessary?


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I have hooked up only front speakers to my Yamaha 5370 receiver and am wondering whether I should hook up a center speaker? Does having a centre speaker improve the sound when watching movies?

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Can't I use a bookself such as Paradigm Atom (which I have)instead of buying a centre speaker?

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If you want to hear what the producer intended for you to hear during movie play back you should use a center channel(it will reinforce thesound stage)

Yes you can use a book self speaker for a center channel just match up the tweeter with the middle of the Tv screen(You may have to move it an inch here or there

Good luck


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the main purpose of a center channel is so you can hear dialogue. 90% or something like that of the vocal parts of movies are sent to the center channel. i know many hardcore audio people use the same speakers, albeit very expensive ones, all along the front. the reason why companies make center channel speakers is that having the flatter cabinet allows for a more versatile placement and installation.

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I use only two fronts and two rears with my setup.
Most AV Amps will distribute the centre channel between the two fronts if you don't have one present. As long as you get the fronts well balanced then the dialogue will seem to be in the right place, provided you are sat in the right place.

If you have a widely separated audience watching the film then a centre speaker helps the people located away from ideal room positions.


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While what Diablo says is true, using a center usually sounds better when it's well matched to the mains. Imagine the music sound track coming from your mains while the dialog comes from the center. It's just better.

I didn't have a center for about 10 months and that's what I notice since I have it.

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Now, what do you guys think about using the center speaker for CD listening in a 3.1 setup?

I usually hear that people prefer just stereo and sub or direct source stereo, but with PL2 or Neo6 I find that the center channel seems to enrich the musical it a lot more depth and fullness.

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IMO, the center channel is a very important piece of the surround effect. I couldnt imagine watching a movie without. Once you hook up and use a center channel, you'll wonder why you waited so long to hook one up. It's that big of a component of the surround effect.

Just my 2 cents....

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This question is very objective. You will have different camps that say yes and those that say no. Much like the cable issue (ooops, I hope I didn't start that again).

You have to listen for yourself and go with what you like. Purchase the center channel, listen to it, then if you think you can do without, then return it, at least you have experienced it for yourself.
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