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Hey Hawk, Do you know anything about the Nad T163 PREAMP & Nad 7 channel amp T973? How is this compared to the T773. Price and as a audio video system.

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Here in the States, the MSRP of the 163/973 combo is $3500 (973:$2K; 163-$1500), but I can get them from a dealer for $2700 US (20% off). Without doubt, the 163 is the best pre/pro I have seen or heard for less thant $4K. It is truly incredible. The 973 has more power (140 wpc x 7) than the 773 (110 wpc x 7), but the sonic charecter of the sound will be no different than the 773 or the 763. NAD is remarkably consistant in the sonic charecter of their products from top to bottom, unlike most audio companies. In my opinion, I think the 163/973 combo is one of the truly great products out there, especially at that price, but I also don't think it is necessary for your Paradigms.

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Thanks for all your input Hawk. I will be buying a Nad receiver for sure! I like the T773, it will be my next buy. I was given a price of $2500 . He can do better!! I saved 25% off my M7s and my PW2200 sub. I will try and talk them down. Thanks again.
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