Looking for an int. amp for hard rock/heavy metal


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Due to circumstances out of my control, I am starting from scratch. I have no amp, no cd player, no speakers, I've got nothing.
I listen to a lot of hard rock/heavy metal.
I am looking an NADC352 for my amp along with the C542 cd player, but I'm not 100% sold on it just yet. If someone has a better idea in the same price range that would fit my musical tastes better, by all means suggest something.
As far as speakers go, the two stores that sell the NAD also sell these speakers: PSB, Kef, Acoustic Energy, ProAc, Totem, Energy, Mission.
I can afford to spend in the $1000 range for speakers.
My problem is that I live in an apartment, I can't crank the music too loud, but I like hard rock/metal. I will have to listen at moderate volume. I like my music to have some solid bass to it, but I can't listen at loud volumes due to my living situation.
Which of the above speaker brands matched with the NAD will give me a solid bottem end, nice thick sound even at lower volumes.
Also, seems like everyone has a sub these days, do I really need one, especially if I'm not going to be cranking the music? or is it more important that I have one to supply some extra bass at a lower volume due to the fact that I can't crank it up loud?
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