Very good imaging speakers


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ok i have a little different setup i want to try.

i will be biamping using a 2 way electronic xover

i have 4 foot tall cabinets with a 12" driver in
each 1 with the crossover set to 700hz.

what i am looking for are a 2 way set of small
speakers to use as the midrange & tweeter from
the xover at 700hz on up so they do not need to
produce good bass.

i am looking for something with a driver size of like 8" to 5" with very good imaging and can take
a good amount of power.

i'm not looking to spend an arm and a leg if i don't have too , but i really would like to get
a set with excelent imaging that i can use on top
of the cabinets i allready have.

effeciency doesn't really matter because all the channels are adjustable and i can use the mic &
analyser to set the system up.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Username: Kegger

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oh yah this is for a 2 channel audio only system!

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very interesting little setup you got there!

i personally have a set of B&W DM 602 Series 3
speakers that have great imaging and are rated
at 100 watts.i love em.

well good luck i hope some others with a little
more experience in this area than me can help!

if hawk see's this he's probably got quite a few he could through at you.

when you get it finished post some results so we
can check it out.

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Registered: 12-2003
thanks for the info john.

i went out this last weekend and auditioned some
of the b&w you mentioned they sound nice.

i also liked a pair of focal cobalt like an 806s
or something they sounded ausome but were $1100
a pair at that price i would just buy new towers.

anyone else with oppinions?
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