Totem vs Polk vs Mission vs PSB


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help, i'm trying to deciode between some speakjers.

i'k leaning to totem mites right now. But I'm not sure what the best bang for my buckl would be..

I'd also looked at Energy C1, Mission M31, Polk RTi6 and PSB image B1 ( i think).
any opinions on these speakers??!

is $600 bucks a good price for the totems?


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The Totem Mites are an excellent speaker - just a bit small (hence the term Mite). If I were you - see if you can expand the budget by $300, and look at the Totem Rainmakers. These are simply fantastic, and will be well worth the stretch. IMHO they will be FAR better than those you listed. $600 is a good price I guess... at least I've seen them for $650 Canadian $$. Not sure what U$D would be - if that is where you are located.

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Totem makes a great product, but before you go for the Totems, just be aware of their limitations....they need good quality amplification to "come alive", and they give up some dynamic ability for their smooth sound. I've heard Totems sound bad because they were driven by average electronics.

Of the other speakers, I'd go for the Energy C-3. I actually heard these at a store that also had the Totem Mites. The Energy had a fuller, and more rich midrange, and were a lot more dynamic, a tad more livelier sound. I thought they were better for home theater than the others. On one piece, I could hear one of the background instruments that were hard to hear on some other brands of speakers that I've heard, that was what sold me on them...they really bring out details and really voiced well. Pretty impressive.

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what amplifiation was used when you listen to c-3. have you heard it with nad receivers?

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The C-3's were being fed by Marantz receiver and it was a good sound.

I do really like the Totems, they are very musical and transparent sounding speakers, but I have the feeling they don't have the "bite" that makes for a good home theater experience. (just because there's only so much sound that can come out of something so small) Now, listening to jazz or classical, those Totems are magical (especially for their size)

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The Dreamcatcher system I heard was really nice too, but of course...a lot more expensive.

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Depends what you're listening to I guess. I have 2 sets of Mites on different systems, playing mostly classical, some jazz, pop, rock etc. Very nice. I have added a PSB sub on one system, but I use it mostly for bass extension, with the crossover down around 70Hz, just to add some low end for symphonies, basses, etc.
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