Humph. my records are chipmunks. help please? (newbie)


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hey ya'll
i don't really know anything much bout record players but i have a really old one. anyways after i got it to work its going ok but now...its playing the records super-fast and they sound like chipmunks.
i'll to explain all the buttons.
firstly at the other end of the needle on the actual table there's a knob that can turn from 1-6. secondly there's a thing at the end of the long needle holder and you turn it round from 1-6 too.
last, there's a little switch on the table that you can push and there's numbers beside it - 7, 10 and 12 i think. so yeah, any help would be GREATLY appreciated - i just REALLY want to listen to my records w/o the singers sounding like girls. thanks!

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i don't know if this will be any help since im not sure what kind of player it is, but you might just have the speed wrong..i'm sure if you mess with some of the button's you might be able to figure out the size of the record and the speed you want it at to make it sound okay.

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I wouldn't mess with the buttons if you don't know what you're doing. The knob at the back of the arm is probably the tracking weight. The one at the front is for how many records are stacked on the platter when the table is used as a record changer. The 7-10-12 are the size of the record and determines the point where the arm will set down when in automatic mode. You may have the speed wrong or the rubber hub that drives the platter may be glazed and causing the wrong speed. Ask around at the audio shops, used record shops and electronic supply houses for information on someone who can look at the table. It will be helpful to know what type or brand of table it is or what piece of equipment it was meant to play with.


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If they're sounding like chipmunks, I think you're playing a record at 45 rpm when it's meant to be played at 33 rpm. Usually, there's a button to switch from one speed to another. Alternatively, if it's belt driven, the belt may have two different cogs to work on and it's on the wrong cog.

It would help if we knew what turntable we were dealing with...


Tha base of a record deck is called the plinth.

The round thing above the plinth on which you set the records is called a platter.

The long thing holding the needle is called a tone-arm.

The big weight on the other side away from the needle is called a counterweight.

The end of the tone-arm where the needle is is called the headshell.

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