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I just bought a pair of paradigm legends 2 weeks ago and am now going to buy rears. I'm looking at either the paradigm focus bookshelf speakers or the paradigm esprit floorstanding speakers which will actually come out cheaper then the focus because I will not have to buy stands for them. They both have the same exact drivers the only thing different is the esprit's low freq extension is 9 Hz lower. Will the esprits sound better for surrounds? I've heard that smaller speakers sound better for rears but I don't know if that true.

Also if floorstanding speakers are okay for rears would going with another pair of legends be even better?

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if you have legends for mains, then I would spring for legends for surrounds if you can afford it. The same speakers all around are the best bet for the most optimal sound. The towers would be the way to go PROVIDED you can get them away from the wall. If not, then go with the focus, they are fine speakers.

Any of the above would be a fine choice IMHO, but if you can afford the floor space to get the speakers away from the walls go towers

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You don't need to get the legends for surrounds. As long as the speakers you get have the same tweeter and drivers, then that is all that matters. I would say the esprits would be fine. Would you be able to get the adp170's and mount them to the wall? they are dipole speakers and are what paradigm recommends you use for surrounds? just a thought!

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Ya I could get the adp 170's but they cost about the same as a pair of esprits would cost me. I might go with another pair of legends they won't cost me to much more (I work at a high end audio/video store). The 170's also have a smaller drivers then the legends. I will probably end up with the esprits or legends then since there is no reason to go with the focus because they will cost me more since I would have to buy stands I don't see them hanging on the wall they are bit big. I will also be getting a cc270 which has the same size drivers and either a pdr10 or pdr12. Do you think the sub would sound good centered in the room behind the main couch?

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it depends on the sound that you are going for. I know people that own a professional home theatre installation company that sells Paradigm, and they reccoment using the same speakres all around if there is any way possible for the best all around sound. There are articles online about this as well.

But the focus will do as well, as they use the same drivers as the esprit.
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