NAD T763/T773 Display "Digital 5" Blinking?


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I recently hooked up my T773 (love it btw) and when I watch my TV which is hooked up to Video 5, in the upper right hand corner of the display on the unit, it has "Video 5:" (or something like that) and after the colon "Digital 5" blinks on and off continuously. I think "Digital 5" is the message that's blinking but going from memory.

When I tested a T763 at home before buying this one I had a similar blinking going on. I can't find anything in the manual that addresses this.

For now the T773 is connected to my TV with RCA Audio cables and S Video.

Anybody out there know why this does this? Since I am a good 10 feet away from my receiver it's not really a big deal with the characters so small but it just seems like it would be blinking to alert me to something so want to be sure I shouldn't be making a setting adjustment somewhere.


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I have an NAD T762, and I am pretty sure they are the same in this area. When the "Digital 5" is blinking, it means that the input is set to receive a digital signal from your "digital 5" input (coax on mine), but for whatever reason is not receiving a signal. It happens to me when I turn the receiver on to "DVD" mode but do not yet have the DVD player turned the receiver is expecting a digital signal from the DVD Player but can't find one because the player isn't turned on...once the player is turned on...blinking stops. For you, the reason it is not receiving a signal is probably because you don't have anything connected to that digital input. A quick fix would be to go to the OSD "input setup" menu and on "Video 5", set the "digital in" to "off". That way the receiver won't be expecting any digital signal, and the blinking should stop (in fact, the "digital 5" icon will disappear altogether I think).

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Thanks Johnny! I'll check it out tonight.
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