Make Audio Cd from mp3


I found a software- mp3cdworker
MP3CDWorker Lets you listen to your favorite and heigh quality mp3 songs on regular stereo and car cd players!


check out this site for free independent mp3's. Nothing like music made without big business influence.

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MP3 is NOT 'high quality'. Its 'fast download'. Because it is so compressed. You can play files recorded in MP3 on a cd player, but it still is not a WAV file. And WAV files do not record the quality of a 20 or 24bit CD (though significanlty better than MP3).

When CD's first came out they were hyped as superior to LP's. Of course then, they were not even close. More durable, yes.

Similarly, Plasma TV has a ways to do to meet the better CRT (tube) TV's. But you would think from the 'hype' of the ads, that they were superior.

Merchants. What a bunch of liars :-)

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Get this program free to de-compress MP3 files and improve the sound.

Once you download it and open it, press "alt. + B" to decompress files.

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This program makes the best burner (to CDRs). Record it at slowest speed (2x) for best result.

Also "Taiyo Yuden" CDRs gave me considerably better results (20 cents each - google search for them)

You can also upgrade the CDRw unit to Yamaha, or Plexor for even better results.

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