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I thought I would give this its own thread because (unfortunately and apologetically) I really need this info and don't completely trust sales people. I am on the verge of buying B&W 603s, but I have two possible deal breakers: 1) how far do the speakers have to be placed from the TV (a 32" tube) since they are not magnetically shielded and 2) how far do the speakers need to be from the corner because that is where my TV set is? Thanks for your help and sorry for the sorta repeat thread.

James Williams
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Since no one seems to know, have you tried contacting B&W through their website?

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B&W says about 0.5 metre. I would imagine for direct view TVs, the brand may make a tiny difference.

Goto their website http://www.bwspeakers.com

Click on "Product Warranty & Care" at the top, and select FAQ (the 1st dropdown option).


Q&A #1 & #2 deal with speakers positioning.

Q&A #8 is:

"How close can I place my speakers to a TV set?"

I currenly have mine about 8' apart (so just under 3' from TV) & angled 6" from back wall. My dealer gave me a rough guide of minimum 1' away from wall & corner, and 2' from TV.

Magnetically shielded or not, I would try to place my fronts at minimum 6' apart to get a decent soundstage. Depending on how wide & deep your room is.

I had to re-arrange alot of furniture in my apt to do the current setup. If you *must* place one close to a corner, plugging the front and/or rear port with the factory provided foam will reduce the bass to some extend.



James Williams
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Anyone know the diadvantages of using LCR 600 speakers (which are magnetically shielded) as front speakers?
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