AC adapter for Thorens TD 166 Mk2


Hi I just bought a used Thorens turn table. It didn't come with any ac adapter so I bought one. It uses 16V but doesn't say anything about the polarity. The AC to DC adapters will have a negative center or a positive center. Does anyone have this table or any other thorens who can tell me if center is - or +? I have tried both polarity but the plate wont turn either way. Help!! Could I have damaged the motor maybe by using wrong polarity? Any suggestion on what to do would be most appreciate

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Right - for a start this 16volts you've read is of the AC kind -meaning the unit wants to run on AC and NOT DC !! You will need a plug-in-the-wall pwr adaptor, which will output the 12~16 volts required by the AC motor ( this is assuming that the motor in the deck is still standard). I myself have had the problem of getting an alternative pwr adaptor for this same model deck - Hope this is of help 2 u,
bye !
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