SONY is so rubbish


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I bought SONY TV and SONY DVD for Christmas.
I use them for 10 days, and my TV broke down.
SO I took it to repair, but they were so rude.
It took mroe than 5 days to repair it. It was so horrible bad service.
After repair, I watched DVD movies, but suddenly DVD didn't work and damaged my CD.
I didn't know why such thing happened, and they person in the store said,those two equipments don't match.
Thus, I sold them.
When I first bought them, I was so happy because I thought SONY is the best product in the world, but soon realized that SONY is nothing but a garbage. SONY is too expensive and nothing special.
SONY is a waste.
People! You should not have too much fantasy on SONY.Don't rate Japanese products that high.
They aren't that great.

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Sony televisions are among the best in the business, their new silicone technology looks competetive to DLP.

But I wouldn't touch any of their audio equipment, I too find that overpriced for what you get.

Quality control just isn't what it used to be. Lots of equipment breaks down, but luckily it usually does happen early in the product's lifespan. For ex, I bought my girlfriend a 20GB Ipod for Christmas. She had barely used it a few hours and it froze up and had to be replaced.

Both Sony Tvs and DVDs tend to be above average quality, it's surprising both messed up like that. Where did you buy it and what did the people at the store mean when saying the two equipments don't match?

Sony TV's are the best, nothing matches their quality picture. But yeah there speakers and receivers aren't the greatest.

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Sony CRT tvs suck, I bought 4 of them 8 years ago, used them about 3 hours a day, and now only 1 of the 4 are still working


the speakers are overpriced, but they sound ok

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Where did you take your Sony to get repaired and they were so rude?
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