Turntable Interconnects: What type for blissful analog playback


Al B
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I am hoping to replace the stock/captive interconnects on my TT as discussed in an earlier post. Now the question is what kind of cables to use. Who has an opinion on this question? Do people like copper cables, silver cables, a combination, or something more exotic still? Shielded? Braided? Etc.? My other components are connected to my pre/pro with silver cables, and silver again from there to the amplifiers. Thanks, Al

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You need to be very careful if you do this. The signal from a cartridge is very small indeed. Any new break in the cable (such as a junction box near the arm base) or a higher inductance cable than necessary and the cartridge will find it difficult to drive the the signal through the cable. Line sources such as CD players don't have this problem since the signal they send down the line is 1000 to 10000 times stronger. Also, there is a question as to whether this is worth doing if you do not intend to rewire the arm since the arm wireis the same stock stuff that you're trying to remove.

The best rewire kit I have come across is the Incognito kit. This made a massive difference to my system, is sensibly priced and you rewire the arm as well. That said, I don't know what arm you've got so I'm not sure if the kit will work into it. You should ask the supplier if it's suitable.


Al B
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Point taken, Frank. I will look into the Incognito kit or other sources for re-wiring the arm if I ever do get around to dealing with the interconnects. Thanks for your help.

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