Please recommend


for a budget of about $2000 for sourround sound which speakers will give me the best sound.
Kef, Psb, paradigm, alon or any other

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I personally like paradigms. Take a look at the paradigm monitor series. Great sound for the money

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They all have the best sound, but one person's best sound may be totally garbage to you, so it is best to listen to the speakers yourself as no one can know what you prefer.

Have you listened to any of these speakers?

How about, Martin Logan, B&W, Magnepan, Gallo, Ohm, Green Mountain Audio, Axiom, Ascend Acoustics, JBL, Bose, KLH, PSB, Totem, these and more have the best sound. Just ask the owners.:-)

So now, you have some listening and shopping to do! Happy hunting!


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It also will help narrow down what the choices are, by knowing the receiver you will be using.

Sorry if I rave on about that, but your budget expands the playing field somewhat and with a larger budget comes a wider selection.

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And don't forget Dynaudio and Focal Jmlab. Also very good speakers at their various price points.

Many people choose separate Subwoofer manufacturers, very often because they are dedicated to that. These include REL, Velodyne, HSU, SVS.

Have fun doing the research! :-)


I listened to paradigm monitor 7 and paradigm studio 60. I am not sure if it is worth the 900 dollar diference. I also listened to definitive technology bp7006. I will probably will be using the denon 3805 or 2805. Yamaha 5790 is also in the equation. Marantz 7400 would have been my choice but dealer does not carry it.

I Know the bottom line is whatever i like. However when i ask a recomendation is because I think one must aim to a more accurate and refined sound as budget permissable. I currently have an old pair of old pioneer speakers that have a deep bass and produce a nice harmonious and rythmic sound, but is lacking in the midrange. It is like mash potato. Perhaps i am looking for a more frugal sound. I want to aim to the intelect via the senses without getting stock in the senses.
Some of you in the forum have a wider experience and exposure to sound than I do. I take whatever help i can get gratefully.

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