Harman Kardon AVR 330 vs. Onkyo TX-SR602


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I've found really good deals on both of these receivers online. I don't have the opportunity to test either. I'd like it if some of you members could give me your opinions on the pros and cons of each receiver and which one is a better overall home theater receiver. Listening to music is also very important. I am replacing my dad's old Hitachi amp from 1980 that was top of the line in those days. It made great sound with his ADS speakers (which I will mate to the new receiver). I really don't want the new receiver to be a step down. What would you pick and why.

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The HK sounds full, the Onkyo a bit shallow. The HK and Onkyo are fairly user friendly although the remote on the Onkyo is decidedly better.

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I posted this above in response to another string...hope this helps you decide. If it were me, I'd go with the Onkyo TX-SR602.


I had the opportunity last night to A/B an Onkyo TX-SR602 with an HK AVR 335 and frankly, the HK didn't have the "balls" of the Onkyo on strong musical passages... bass, drums, etc. The 335 was weak in comparison.

The speakers were a mid-quality Infinity pair. Didn't pay attention to the model as I was comparing both receivers using the same speakers.

Don't get me wrong, the HK AVR 335 played the bass notes exceptionally well... but listening to the same passage on the Onkyo, in addition to the note... you could sense the "bend of the string". If that makes any sense. Clarity of instruments was better for the Onkyo.

So I'm assuming the AVR 235 doesn't come close to the Onkyo TX-SR602.

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I have found that Harmon Kardon across their entire price line gives the best sonic performance. There power always seems under-rated compared to everyone else. I have played the "Watts" and real performance "Watts" game with budget minded friends when they ask my input on gear. 60-80 watts at 8ohms is alot of clean power coming from a H&K amp.

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When I listened to the Onkyo TX-SR602 with an HK AVR 335 above... I listened to the quality of the sound. Since I listen to allot of jazz... I mainly compare instruments and vocals and found that the Onkyo was clearer (more detailed) than the HK in this case.

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This is really good stuff
What about the features?
Am I giving anything up if i go Onyko
Im finding the price of 601 and 602 are about $50 different.
The 602 in silver with the blue light does look sexy

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they both are pretty sexy looking (yes, a receiver can be described as sexy). I would give the HK the lead in this department however.

I think either one of these would be a good deal.

I know Onkyos warranty is 2 years on their receivers. What is HK's? (probably not a deal breaker, but something to consider)
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