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Alright, I'm sure a post like this has been posted before but I'm not finding what I'm wanting so I'm posting this. I'm looking to build my Home Stereo system. Eventually I'll be expanding it to Home Theater, but for now will be stereo. I'm looking for the main pair of speakers. My current electronics for the audio system are all Marantz (pre-amp AV-550, 5 MA-500 Monoblocks (125w X 1), and CC4300 CD Player. Panasonic DVD Player). I've been looking for a pair of main speakers now for a couple of months and I believe I've narrowed it down to the following.

Paradigm Monitor 11's or the 90p's
Mordaunt Short 906 or 908
B&W 603 or 604
JMLab 714 or 726
PSB T55 or T65

My room size is approx. 13ft X 13ft with a 18ft ceiling, and open to the kitchen on the left side. With how our furniture is arranged I don't have a whole lot of room for a seperate sub, but could possibly make it work if need be. Also, the speakers will be fairly close to the wall, and the right speaker would basically be tucked in the corner. Since I don't have a lot of room for a sub, the Monitor 90p's are attractive to me since they have "powered woofers". I have a varaity of music, from classical, to metal, to jazz, to dance/club music.

Would people be so kind to give me their oppinions on the speakers I've mentioned and what they think would work best in my room set up. Also, if someone has any other suggestions I would like to hear them as well. Thanks so much.

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I really like the sound of the JMLabs Chorus speakers. They are well built, not very expensive, have good integration, nice open top end (need some beaking in first though). They might also be better at that right speaker position in the corner as they are front ported I believe. Paradigm to me are too... ah clinical... cold or something. A lot of people like that sound but I like a little warmer sound personally. The JM Labs are a bit warmer, have bags of detail but do not sound sterile. As for the others I have listened to B&W and they just kinda did nothing for me ... sounded good enough but did not grab me. The PSBs I have not heard the models you mention but the ones I have heard are a bit like the Paradigm IMHO. I have not heard the Mordaunt Short so have no opinion there. Good luck.

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I agree about the JmLabs sounding better than Paradigms. I heard the Chorus 726 S and Studio 60, and had the same impressions. However, at that price range I tend to drift away from the typical manufacturers and find a lot more quality in the smaller companies. In the same demo room were an older pair of Meadowlark Kestrels. They sounded neither warm nor bright - just natural. With the Meadowlarks, I tended not to focus on tonal balance, but rather the music.

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OK. So I went home last night and did some measuring. It will definitly be hard to place a sub in the room unless it's thin. So I'm resorting to having a main speaker that can produse some impressive bass. My price range I would like to keep around $1500 or less. Would be willing to go a little more if something wow's me, but definitly under $2K at the max. Anyone have any other suggestions? The Paradigm 90p's are starting to look a little more attractive sine they have the "powered woofers" and a lot of the reviews I've read online say that you most likely would not need a sub with those. Are ther any other brands that people would suggest that could possibly handle what I'm asking for?

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Hi all , here are the ones I had the chance to listen in different dealers ( price range around 800$ to 1200$US ), in order of preference:

1) B&W 603 S3 - very well balanced speakers witch give impressive high and mids, exellent definition of sound.
2) JMlab Chorus 716 S - nice finish and sound, I fund the B&W 603 S3 a little bit better but if you are price sensitive, that is definitely a good buy.
3) Monitor Audio S6 - a little bit smaller case than the other ones but very accurate for the price.
4) PSB T65 - 20in. deep case can produse some impressive bass, but the high and mid can be disturbing at high level , you need a large room...good for movie listeners I guess.

I am now looking a the KEF Q5 or Q7 that as per some audioreviews sound better than the B&W 603 S3... I will let you know. I haven't had the chance to listen to Paradigm speakers but as per feedback I got , the are in the same range that the PSB speakers ( not my kind of speaker ).

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i second Jays findings i was impressed by 603's too.

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Break free from the confines of mass market floorstanders and consider trying a pair of Ohm Microwalsh Talls (120 day money back guarantee). For your size room and price range - they outlcass any of the above. Once you hear them, it's very hard to go back. I'm into the 2nd month of owning a pair, and I'm still going to hi-end stores just to see if anything compares.

It's funny because I auditioned a pair of Maggie 1.6s which I liked. After an hour I asked the salesman if I could check out the floorstander room (a force of habit, I'm just not used to listening to 6 foot panels). I listened to a variety of brands, most more expensive and just could not believe how unimpressive they all sounded.

My point is that we all tend to drift towards things that we're familiar with, but I am convinced that at this price level, alternative design is the solution. Wether it be the time coherent design of Vandersteen, Meadowlark GMA etc,, the ribbon planar of the Magnepan, or Ohm's inverted cone, alternative designs are conquering many of the design problems of most other manufacturers out there.

BTW, these little Ohms go very low - you will never need a sub!
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