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looking for some advice on a mid/upper priced receiver mostly for music, then HT. Currently, I have nothing and am looking at the following:

1) HK 430/630, 435/635 - would like vid up conversion though
2) Denon 2805/3805
3) Yamaha ?
4) Marantz ?

Any thoughts on these receivers and a good speaker match?

Thanks for your help!

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Without any budget, it is hard to recommend. However, just some general thoughts. The Denon 2805/3805 and Yamaha 1500/2500 sound great with paradigm and psb. I would check out the monitor line for paradigm if you can afford it. Marantz and HK sound great with Monitor Audio (maybe the silvers) and B&W, Klipsch, etc. I would also add Pioneer elite with these last set of speakers as they are great receivers. Little more info and some more people here will probably try to help you out.

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Thanks for your input. I am pretty new to this and having difficulty with the amt of info out there. Anyway, this is my estimated budget:

1) receiver - $700-$1000
2) speakers 5.1 - $1,500 - 2K? haven't really started researching these yet
3) Sub - $300-$400
4) DVD Player - 200-300

Would like to keep it all around $3k - $3500. Is this realistic?

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You say 'mostly for music' above. The only make that does music reasonably well at that price range is NAD. A little more cash would allow you to buy the Arcam AVR250 which is in another league in terms of musicality (as well as surround abilities). The NADs get bashed as well as praised hereabouts. They seem to suffer a little more background hiss than some receivers, but musically speaking, they're a lot better than the rest (Pioneer, Marantz, Denon, etc) so they should be on your shortlist.

If you can stretch to an Arcam, then try to get to hear one - they're brilliant amps.


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any other suggestions for my family room which is 19x17 with 19 foot volume ceilings...

looking for ease of use and setup
upconversion - does this work?
multi room/zone capabilites
great overall receiver - warm


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How about a Pioneer Elite receiver (either 54 or 56tx, not sure of the cost in the US) with some Monitor Audio, or B&W speakers. That will give a nice warm sound. Pair that with an Hsu stf2 sub and you are on your way. Sorry not more info on speakers, I am unsure of the pricing in the US, so maybe check it out.

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I recently got the Marantz SR7500 receiver. I matched it with Klipsch Reference series speakers. It sounds great for both music and movies. The receiver retails for $1,099.00, but the dealer let me have it for $940.00. The Klipsch RB25 system (5.1),I bought for $1,340.00. (Not sure about retail) Take a listen before you decide. Some people hate Klipsch, but I like the sound. They have been making speakers here in the U.S. for over forty years. They're doing something right!

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Thanks All. I recently went to listen to the Marantz 7400 & 7500. Was impressed with the 7500 with Definitive speakers, although the sales guy mentioned Paradigms(sp?) might be better musically and suited for my vaulted ceiling room. Anyone have any suggestions on this? I preferred the Definitives, but could be because I was in a much smaller room setup.

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I have a brand new(unopened) Pioneer Elite VSX-52TX that I would sell for $500 (delivered) if anyone is interested. I am going to upgrade.
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